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Monks at Dochu La

Why Touch Bhutan Travel?

Bespoke | Fun | Experienced | Small Scale | Meticulous | Memorable

At Touch Bhutan Travel, small is mighty when it comes to quality and superior service. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of what we do. Our dedication to precision ensures an unforgettable travel experience to this ancient, mystical Buddhist Kingdom.


Touch Bhutan Travel specialises in bespoke tours to Bhutan. We offer unique and competitive tour packages for any duration and for every taste. Our foundation is built upon the principles of creativity and attention to detail, ensuring that we meet the expectations and needs of each and every client.


We aim for our visitors to experience the real Bhutan – the warmth of the people and the vibrancy of the culture. We will drop into the homes of the locals for a meal or a quick cup of tea along the way, and if timing and circumstances allow, we will gladly arrange an opportunity for our guests to participate in a Buddhist ritual at a home or in a monastery. And, if you are up for it, our guide will be happy to take you out for a night on the town to the various nightclubs that Thimphu has to offer.


Unlike many travel partners, we strive to go above and beyond the normal tourist route. That’s why we believe ‘Bespoke is Better’. We want you to know the real Bhutan and that’s why we go that extra mile to create lasting memories.


There are literally thousands of Bhutanese tour operators and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Some operators handle large volume of tourists who are herded from one tourist destination to another, while others struggle to attract even a handful of clients in a year! If you are seeking an alternative, then Touch Bhutan Travel is for you.


At Touch Bhutan Travel, we go beyond the cookie-cutter itineraries. Once you’ve looked through our tour examples and selected your desired number of days, the magic of thoughtfulness and curation begins. Guided  by our esteemed CEO, Mr. Tshering Jamtsho, a seasoned expert in guiding diverse journeys; including culture tours, challenging treks like the Snowman Trek and National Geographic exploratory teams, we meticulously piece together each tour. We understand the secrets to crafting unforgettable and successful travel experiences as reflected by the feedback we receive from our guests.


Allow us to extend our hand of hospitality as our valued guest. With utmost dedication, we give our promise that your holiday will transcend the ordinary and become a tapestry of extraordinary experiences, etching indelible memories that will continue to ignite joy in your heart.


We are proud to be a small company, as it allows us to dedicate our utmost attention to each and every guest. By the end of their journey, everyone leaves Bhutan with wonderful memories and cherished friendships.


Tshering Jamtsho,

CEO of Touch Bhutan Travel.

Picture of CEO
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