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tent in the snow next to lake

Snowman trek

The Snowman trek is widely regarded as the most difficult trek in the world due to the altitude, duration, and distance covered. There is an opportune window to do this trek and that’s during the months of September – October.


This trek involves an arduous, though stunningly beautiful journey along ancient trade routes and well-worn yak trails. It involves crossing 12 high altitude passes and trekking through old rhododendron forests and mystical valleys adorned with prayer flags.

Throughout the trek, we’ll experience the awe-inspiring presence of sacred peaks along the border of Tibet. The route takes us through the remote area of Lunana that very few have had the privilege to visit.

Lake in the mountains

Snow Leopard trek

The Snow Leopard trek, which is also known as the Laya – Gasa trek, is a captivating trekking route that is renowned for its extraordinary natural beauty and immersive cultural experiences. It presents a thrilling challenge for the trekking enthusiasts as the trail winds through untouched and pristine high-altitude landscapes revealing breathtaking views of the magnificent Himalayan Mountain ranges.


The trek begins in Paro and concludes in the village in Gasa, though the trek’s direction can be reversed based on your preference.


Jomolhari trek

Embark on an extraordinary 12-day journey in Bhutan, combining the thrill of a 7-day trek with an immersive 5-day cultural tour. Explore the cultural wonders of Bhutan as you visit ancient dzongs and mountain monasteries, engaging with local communities and immersing yourself in the rich heritage of the country. The Jomolhari trek is a stunning trek, conquering high passes like Nyile La and Yale Pass, while marvelling at the beauty of the twin lakes.


For the more adventurous, there's even an option to trek to Bonte La at an altitude of 5005m. Camp beneath the sacred peak of Jomolhari where we spend two days to relax and soak in the awe-inspiring views of the Himalayas at Jomolhari base camp, fully supported by an experienced trekking team.


This comprehensive itinerary promises an unforgettable adventure, combining the best of Bhutan's breathtaking trekking experiences and cultural exploration.


Druk Path trek

The Druk Path trek is an exceptional short trek in Bhutan, offering a memorable journey along an ancient trading route connecting Paro and Thimphu valleys.


Starting amidst picturesque apple orchards and pine forests, the trek unveils the ruins of Jele Dzong, a fortress perched on a grassy ridge with awe-inspiring views of Mount Jumolhari. Over the course of four days, we venture above the tree line, traversing multiple high passes, including the majestic Phume La (4210m). 


Dagala Thousand Lakes trek

Discover the hidden gem of the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, a trail less travelled by conventional trekkers. Departing from Thimphu, this captivating journey leads you to a series of enchanting high-altitude lakes, offering a truly mesmerising experience, even though the fabled thousand lakes may not be within reach.


Spanning a duration of five days, this trek presents diverse landscapes and thrilling adventures. While the highest camp awaits you at an impressive altitude of 4150m, the route ascends even further to a lofty 4500m, rewarding you with awe-inspiring panoramic mountain vistas. 

Nob Tsonapatha camp 2 & 3

Nub Tshonapata trek

The Nub Tshonapata trek in Bhutan is an exceptional and lesser-known adventure that showcases the untouched beauty of the Haa valley in western Bhutan. This remarkable trail guides you through dense forests of rhododendron and juniper, unveiling breathtaking vistas of the dramatic mountains.


With majestic mountain passes reaching heights of up to 4350m above sea level, the trek offers awe-inspiring panoramic views. The turquoise-coloured Nub Tshonapata Lake, surrounded by a plethora of vibrant flowers and plants during the summer months, adds to this trek's allure.

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